The 5 Best Things...


5. Play like a kid.

At Club Getaway we give you endless opportunities to #getoutandplay. From keg softball and Color War to wine tasting and archery we give you every opportunity to try something new or revisit an old hobby.  Our all-inclusive weekends will keep you playing until the sun sets and maybe even a little later…

4. Make new friends. 

After one weekend at camp you’ll have 300 new besties. No matter whether you come up on your own or with your own group of buddies, you’ll always be surrounded by friends at Club Getaway. One day you’re strangers on the subway and the next day you’re duking it out in a game of Survivor Flip Cup or stepping on each other’s toes in salsa lessons. It doesn’t take long before the magic of camp takes over and you get a real life friend request.

3. Party Like “Grown-Ups”

The party starts at the Club Getaway Pub Hike, where campers hike from keg to keg, and continues until you hit the Lakeside Happy Hour where you’ll enjoy live music, frozen drinks, beer pong, an alfresco BBQ and a few surprises. Next it’s off to the dinner tent with your new buddies for a delicious meal prepared by our top notch chefs, complete with a side of  live entertainment and a bottomless glass of wine. Then it’s on to the Boat House for one of our famous Club Getaway themed parties followed by a late night s’more around the campfire.

2. The Memories

Cheesy we know, but hear us out. After a weekend at Club Getaway you’ll have stories to keep the water cooler gang enthralled for hours…..”This one time at summer camp”. The tan lines will fade and the flash
tattoos and face paint will wash off, but your kickass stories can be told again and again – until next summer when you collect a few more to put in the bank.


1. The Counselors. 

Camp wouldn’t be camp without counselors. And you won’t be disappointed with our team of camp enthusiasts who will stop at nothing……well almost nothing… to make your weekend unforgettable. Our fearless camp leaders are always hungry to earn another Color War Championship title, be the first ones on the dance floor and be your go to ally when your wine glass runs low.

Join us by the Campfire this Summer.