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What I did for summer vacation.
A blog by Bluto Mascot – Club Getaway, USA

What I did for summer vacation, many of us had to write this essay upon starting the new school year. I write mine in November because my summer “vacation” didn’t end until October 25th. I put vacation in quotes because it is not a vacation but my job. For the past 5 years I have had the pleasure of entertaining guests at the beautiful mountain resort known as club getaway.

Every spring, busy, hard working professionals have these grand visions of summer. Plans of hiking, biking, swimming, grilling, drinking, and just plain relaxing with friends. These plans slowly dissolve into ordinary life. All of the sudden it’s fall and it’s hard to put a finger on what they really did this summer. Spend a few weekends at club getaway and all visions will come true. There are countless photos of the beautiful property as well as long lists of all the activities available at club getaway, please check them out but this blog is about MY summer experience.

Ever since I can remember I have loved the summer, especially the summer holidays. Maybe it’s because I always got in trouble in school and couldn’t wait for summer vacation, or steaks and sausages on the grill, either way, I’m a summer junkie. Before I started working at the club there was always a bit of anxiety surrounding the summer holidays “what are you doing for Memorial Day?” Oh shit “what AM I going to do Memorial Day?” Now I have a solid answer: Club Getaway. For me it’s not about the activities (they are great) or the food (also great trust me I’m a fat guy) it’s all about the people.

April 1st we start work on opening the property there is plenty to do. I also run the entertainment for our youth programs and countless special events but my internal clock starts the count down to Memorial Day. The unofficial start of summer will be here in 50 days, I CANT WAIT. There is a lot of preparation that goes into a weekend at club getaway but I won’t bore you with details. Friday comes and my Hawaiian shirt goes on and everything feels right. I head down to the lower parking lot, have a beer, and await the first guest of the summer. The first group to arrive have been coming here memorial day for three years I love seeing old friends it’s been a year since we partied together and within seconds it like they never left. The next group of friends to arrive have never been here before. I love watching people experience club getaway for the first time. It is tough to see the whole property from the parking lot so it’s up to me answer all my questions and get them excited for the greatest summer weekend ever.

I call the guests “friends” not because the corporate office tells me to, but because they are my friends. Don’t worry if you come up for a weekend I won’t ask you to help me move or take me to the airport but I will treat you as a friend. I have worked on cruise ships and hosted giant promotions where my voice would go out to thousands of people. The intimate setting of Club Getaway allows me as entertainment director to interact with each and every guest. This is a gift both for the guests and especially for me. Now back to the summer of funOnce all my friends have checked in to their cabins the happiest happy hour ever starts under the tent. With great food and liquor flowing this is my chance to introduce myself and the property to new friends and have a drink with old friends. Dinner at club getaway is a special time not only because of the free wine and good food; life is not only about eating and drinking booze (it’s just mostly about eating and drinking booze.) For me it is a time when all of my friends are in one place. I can go table to table and tell a story or initiate a toast. After that it’s off to the boathouse, we start the evenings off in the club with dancing, but my favorite part is talking with friends at the bar or on the patio. Around midnight it’s time for bed, just kidding, its time for karaoke. Late night karaoke is the perfect capper to a great day. We’ve all been up since early morning and all been drinking and partying since 5pm but there is an electricity about late night karaoke. After three hours of drinking and watching some interesting performances on the stage we finally shut it down for the night.

I get to bed around 4 am exhausted and with a bit of a tequila buzz and I say to myself this is going to be another great summer. Stay tuned to more blogs recapping 2015 and a look ahead to 2016.

Till then
How ya doin?