Super(bowl) Giveaway!

Join our Super(bowl) Giveaway.

We are giving you an opportunity to score more than Tom Brady (that is a joke!) this Super Bowl Sunday! That’s right, the first 100 campers to book between now and Thursday at 12pm est will be entered in our Superbowl Giveaway.

fooball-squaresWe are setting up a Club Getaway pool. Pick a number between 1 and 100, and we’ll pencil you in! At the end of each quarter, whoever’s name is in the square that matches the last numbers of each team’s score, will win. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quarter winners will get our unlimited b
everage Cheers Package (over $100 value) to be used for any 2016 weekend, and the overall winner from the final score will receive a FREE Club Getaway Weekend (over a $500 value)!

Remember, it’s the first 100 campers only so get those bookings in and request your grid number! Though we expect the grids to fill quickly, we will close the pool at 3 PM Friday afternoon. At which point we will post the grid on our website, so you can start cheering!

Good Luck everyone!