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Adults hanging out on large flotation structures on the lake

The Best Activities to Make a Great Destination Wedding

Obviously when planning a wedding, the big day is going to take up a lot of your planning time. Things like the cake, the dress, the catering, and the music are probably at the front of your mind, and organizing them all is no easy task. With a destination wedding, there’s the added layer of […]

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Man jumping a wave on a wake board

The Most Nostalgic Activities At Club Getaway

Remember your amazing summer camp days? Spending those weeks with friends without having to worry about work deadlines, cleaning your apartment, or making trips to the grocery store? Club Getaway understands those feelings and that’s exactly why we offer an incredible summer camp for adults! We’re all about creating that nostalgic experience for adults to […]

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Group of adults all in the same shirts taking a fun group picture

How To Make Friends At Club Getaway

You may have heard—and experienced—that it’s harder to make friends as an adult than it was as a kid. Luckily, Club Getaway, a summer camp for adults, makes it easy to meet new people and form amazing connections. Think of the fun you had as a kid at summer camp and the friendships you were […]

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Group of adults hanging out on the lawn in chairs by the lake

What You Gain From A Weekend At Club Getaway

It’s the end of the work week and you can’t wait for the weekend. You’re looking forward to relaxing and having some fun. Maybe you’ll even go out and meet some new people. Well we have some great news for you. That can all be accomplished with a weekend at Club Getaway! This is the […]

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Group of adults jumping on inflatable lake structures

Getting to Yes

Well, most of the time. If you have been to Camp Getaway as a camper, you will find that our crew will bend over backwards to make your experience incredible. The entire team is trained in our core philosophy of “Getting to Yes”. This is what we call GRAND Camper Service (Guests Request Are Never […]

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